Our Solutions

Pharmaceutical Intermediates

We specialize in contract manufacturing & exclusive manufacturing of intermediates & advanced intermediates. Our range of intermediates is based on chloro sulfonation, Condensation, Heterocyclic compounds, Friedel craft, Hydrogenation, Piperazine, piperidone & bromination chemistry. Our intermediates under scale-up and new development will include therapeutic areas like Anti-diabetic, Anti-coagulants, antiviral, and others.

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API)

Active pharmaceutical ingredients, or API, are responsible for the therapeutic effects of medicines. We are one of the most reliable contract manufacturers of APIs based on loan licensing. We specialize in CNS segments like ADHD, Anti-psychotics, Anti-vertigo, Anti-inflammatory, Pain management, Alzheimer’s disease, and others. We are moving up the value chain by adding the capacities for APIs and other high-growth therapeutic areas like Anti-diabetic, Anti-  coagulants, and others.

Herbal Extracts & Essential Oil

QMS & Regulatory Services

We provide technical and regulatory expertise to the Life Sciences Industry.

Our regulatory affairs professionals have in-depth knowledge of ICHQ7, ICHQ9, ICHQ10, and Q1E in addition to extensive cGMP implementation expertise in working with regulatory agencies (RA). We are committed to diligent preparation of all documents for RA and Active Pharmaceutical ingredients manufacturing companies. We make sure that regulatory & customer approval procedures managed by our team run smoothly. Major role in providing scientific guidance to resolve issues related to inspectional findings, reviewed critical SOPs, deviations, investigations, CAPA, Validations & qualifications in a new project, PQR, OOS, OOT, Stability, Batch manufacturing & analytical records and risk assessment, etc.