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Maisuriya Pharma Solutions is a research-driven & technology-oriented company. Continuous innovations & improvement are the lifeblood of our business. Our major focus is to offer pharmaceutical solutions globally. Our core expertise: Development of processes and production of complex molecules for Lifesciences and Specialty Chemicals markets. We are committed to providing customers with products fulfilling customers’ needs and expectations.

Maisuriya Pharma Solutions ensures Safety and Reliability with respect to regulations (sustainable development, ISO, GMP), and guarantees total confidentiality. Its strengths lie in high reactivity, its sub-contracting flexibility, and its customer-oriented service, guiding customers into new markets at the forefront of technology.

As a company, we conduct our business with utmost transparency and integrity. This helps us attract the best talent and win the trust of our stakeholders. Given that we operate in a highly regulated sector, we adopt a high-watermark approach to compliance to ensure that we exceed the requirements of customers & regulatory agencies.

Founder's Message

Welcome to Maisuriya Pharma Solutions!

Maisuriya Pharma Solutions was founded with the intention of adding value to the pharmaceutical industry by providing cost-effective and sustainable solutions. We aim to offer our clients cost effective and qualitative tailor-made solutions as an integrated pharmaceutical company. As a result of our customer-centric approach, we strive to achieve excellence in everything we do, and we strive to satisfy all of our customers’ needs. In terms of corporate culture, we strongly believe in Innovation, Integration, and Inclusion – Innovation in all aspects of business operations, Integration with best partners globally, and Inclusion of best resources to deliver world class solutions to pharmaceutical companies for betterment of patients. 
Our team & partners represent real assets to our company, always working toward implementing our value system of innovation, integration, and inclusion. Considering this market’s competitive nature, we offer our partners and teams the best possible professional environment so they can excel in their skills and quality. Together we strive to build a strong company who can provide excellent solutions to their customers & make Maisuriya Pharma Solutions the preferred choice. 
I’m excited to take on more challenges & create harmony in the team.
Thank you.
Amit Maisuriya

Why we are

Customer Centric Approach

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"We Own it together"